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REDD Engineering & Construction, Inc. is a full-service engineering, planning, and construction management firm serving local, national and international clients from offices headquartered in North Salt Lake City, Utah.

REDD continues a tradition of excellence begun in 1947 specializing in industrial projects involving engineering or technology based processes.

We offer a full range of services from economic and technical feasibility studies through design, construction, start-up and operations.

We have expertise in the transfer of technology, both to newly developing countries and to established commercial enterprises seeking the latest advancements in engineering and science.

Started in 1947, REDD has been serving the Intermountain West and international clients for

over 70


Philosophy & Approach

At REDD, we pride ourselves in teaming with our clients to such a degree that they begin to consider us part of their organization rather than an outside consultant. We achieve this by consulting with our clients to determine what their true needs, not just the apparent need, are and then teaming with them on ways and means to maximize the opportunity to improve systems and processes.

REDD strives to deliver true project leadership, quality engineering and excellent service to industrial and institutional clients worldwide. We achieve this by focusing on Safety, Teaming, Quality and Results.


Our commitment to safety is reflected both in the actions of our personnel and in the safety features built into our designs. In our 70 year history, we have a spotless record of providing safe, technically competent designs.


We serve clients through uniquely prepared personnel, who are selected as individuals and as teams to possess the character strengths, knowledge, skill and experience necessary to meet project needs. They are guided by a company-wide interest in your long-term business success. All projects are supported by our unique organization, including a network or specialists with whom we have longstanding and close relationships teaming on projects together according to project needs, in order to deliver the highest quality, most cost effective and timely results.


REDD’s approach to quality can be defined in four words: Quality at the Source. This begins with assigning the right person to the project and proper teaming as discussed previously, and continues through the dedication and attention to detail of each individual in the “supply chain” that is multi-discipline engineering.

Before a product (drawing, calculation or other work product) is passed on to the next individual, REDD ensures that the quality of the product has been verified to the competence of that individual – Quality at the Source. Then, even though all work is checked “at the source,” appropriate QA reviews are performed on each deliverable (30/60/90 or similar) to ensure that the proper coordination of disciplines occurs and that the content meets scope.

This individual attention to quality then is incorporated into our institutional body of knowledge to benefit the company. We believe it says a lot that even as a company in a diverse market, REDD does nearly all our work for repeat clients, some going back nearly 40 years.


We are committed to client satisfaction while contributing to the continuous improvement of our personnel, industries and clients and by direct effect, the quality of life of the world in general.

Client Recommendations Videos

Listed below is an interview with Greg Hatch, who works for Andeavor Logistics (formerly QEP Field Services). In this video, Greg lists the reasons why he strongly recommends REDD Engineering and will use us on future projects.


Team & Staff

Joshua Redd
Saul Garcia
Andy Maurer

Joshua Redd  |  Business Development Manager

[email protected]

Saul Garcia  |  Senior Designer

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Andy Maurer  |  Mechanical Design Engineer

[email protected]


We are a small firm with a large network of experts who come together to execute exceptional and interesting projects. The flexibility associated with being a small company provides experiences to our employees that cannot be found anywhere else. Come join our team!

We are always looking for the following types of positions:

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Designer


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