Mining & Minerals

The mining and processing of minerals continues to be an indispensable segment of our modern society. Mining and minerals produce everything from the materials used in our manufacturing to the minerals used for basic nutrition.

The minerals required for each American every year to make the things we use daily is about

47,700 LBS.

Mining & Minerals

From above ground to below ground mining – REDD has been successfully executing projects for many of the mining operations in the intermountain west since the late 1980’s.

When you want an engineer that understands the big picture and our role in it, look no further than REDD.

We have provided “back office support” by specifying new equipment to replace worn out equipment, studying systems to determine bottlenecks and even providing drafting services, if you could handle the task but don’t have the personnel we’re here to help.

We have also assisted on multi-billion dollar plant modifications and expansions, we regularly provide guidance and direction as “owner’s engineers”.

We can provide a nimble team to “fill in the gaps” on your team or take on complex EPC “turnkey” projects, without losing our focus on scope, schedule and budget.