Oil & Gas

Lubricants, chemicals, plastics, fuels for transportation, and fuels for home heat – oil and gas fuels our modern society.

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Oil & Gas

REDD has been serving the Oil & Gas industry for nearly 60 years!

From the Intermountain West to deep Siberia, REDD has performed countless projects in the oil and gas industry.

Whether we’re changing the lives of a few hundred people in a small village in Eastern Russia to piquing the interest of 4,500 camels in the Sudan to visiting Karachi Pakistan to scout out locations for a new refinery, we are a trusted consultant to many refiners and processors.

We specialize in providing engineering, design and construction management services for projects totaling over 1 Billion US dollars.

We perform world-class services for new construction, upgrades, modifications, repairs, relocations, and turnarounds. We provide real value and deliver exceptional work.

Although we are always looking for new clients to impress, we have built and maintained relationships with some clients for over 40 years, spanning multiple generations of management at each company. We make your priorities our priorities.