Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is energy that is derived from renewable resources. Renewable energy sources include biodiesel, ethanol, solar, biomass, wind, and geothermal.


of U.S. energy came from renewables in 2015

Renewable Energy

As the world’s hydrocarbon reserves become more and more difficult to extract, and as the world seeks to address the concern of the environmental impacts of traditional hydrocarbons, renewable energy becomes more and more of an attractive alternative.

REDD began in renewable energy in the early 1980’s as we were at the forefront of Ethanol plant design and construction. We continue today to remain involved in Renewable Energy development having been heavily involved in oil sands, biodiesel, oil shale, biomass, and other renewable sectors.

REDD’s experience in alternative energy isn’t limited to engineering and design, REDD was the at-risk Construction Manager for multiple ethanol producers with simultaneous contracts totaling over $60,000,000 USD.