Most industrial operation require piping of one type or another. We at REDD have experienced engineers, designers and drafters that are capable of performing detailed piping designs and models for any industry which requires gas, fluid or slurry transportation.


of REDD’s projects involve industrial piping design


Our piping designers are not one trick ponies that can only perform basic piping ISO’s. We are fully capable of providing detailed piping designs for new or existing systems and drafting services for piping / equipment interface. Some of our piping services include, but are not limited to:

– Generating preliminary drawings of proposed layout and route of new piping in both single and double line.
– Performing detailed field measurements, as necessary to locate new piping (and field verify nearby supports and other elements)
– Designs can include preparation of 3D modeling of the new pipe, performing thermal expansion analysis using CAESARII computer program, specifying expansion joints as necessary and designing supports.
– Prepare piping isometric diagrams, piping plans and elevations.
– Incorporate P&ID’s in our piping design packages.
– Flexibility Analysis
– Stress Analysis

REDD has piping design standards which are strictly followed. This includes a thorough understanding of various piping code, including, but not limited to, ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.8, and API. We have a long history of excellence in piping design, and always aim to exceed both client expectations and industry standards.

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