REDD offers a total range of project development and engineering technical and economic study services including pre-feasibilitiy, feasibility, debottlenecking, and appraisals.

REDD has provided studies and/or appraisals to clients in

12 Countries


Studies are an important part of project planning and implementation. Study services can involve simple go or no-go analysis to complex and exhaustive techno-economic evaluations. REDD has performed technical and economic studies for clients both domestically and internationally that cover the full range of study services including:

– Pre-Feasibilty
– Feasibility
– Project Scoping
– Functional Specifications
– Debottlenecking
– Appraisals
– Accident Investigations
– Root Cause determinations
– Return on Investment
– Technology Surveys
– Community Relations
– Environmental
– Audits
– Etc.

When properly done studies will prove to accelerate overall project schedules and decrease project costs.

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