PSM Training

REDD seeks to provide practical, in depth, and interesting PSM training to help facilities understand and apply the principles they learn.

REDD has been providing PSM training since


Process Safety Management Training

REDD has practical experience helping companies understand the requirements of Process Safety Management (PSM) as outlined in OSHA 29CFR 1910.119. Through engaging, motivating and thought provoking sessions, REDD presents applicable and relatable PSM understanding to your employees. Further, by engaging your employees, REDD helps create a culture that values the PSM process, ultimately decreasing costs and increasing plant safety and employee participation.


  • Initial PSM Overview (8 hour)
  • Refresher Training (4 hour)
  • Element Specific Training (i.e. Management of Change process)
  • Contractor Orientation to PSM
  • Customized Training to Meet Company Needs


Contact us directly to discuss the training REDD can provide to your team. Depending on your needs we can provide a general PSM Overview or a more targeted training.

You can also join our mailing list for more information on what REDD can do for your PSM program.

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