Helium Plant Header Replacement

Exceeding Expectations in Amarillo

REDD was contracted to perform a Helium Plant Header Replacement for BLM.


of the world’s helium is supplied by the BLM’s helium field near Amarillo, Texas.

Helium Plant Header Replacement

RECI teamed with a local contractor, Barclay Mechanical, to replace the main gas header and associated piping at an active helium processing plant in Amarillo, Texas.

The header ties together the various pipelines coming from the BLM’s well storage system and becomes the main feed for the helium enrichment unit plant.

The project consisted of pre-fabricating a new header and branch piping, demolition of the old header and associated piping, installation and field welding the new header in place.

The project was successfully executed during a tight turnaround schedule.

Some of the comments heralded by plant personnel were “this project went perfect”, “I was amazed at how fast it came together”, “best run project I’ve seen in terms of execution”.