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REDD provided compliance audits pursuant to OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements and the EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulations for three separate Noble Energy facilities.


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PSM Audits

Noble Energy called on REDD to perform third-party audits on Noble’s Wells Ranch, Keota Gas Plant, and Lilli Gas Plant facilities. REDD supplied administrative and engineering support for these three audits and a final report outlining a path to improved compliance. All three audits were conducted on site, focusing on systems in place at the facilities. The purpose of audits was to discover deficiencies in facility compliance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard and the EPA’s Accidental Release Prevention Requirements: Risk Management Programs (RMP).

The audits used a protocol that identified documentation verifying compliance with the current standards. These included interviews of operators, maintenance personnel, engineers, management, and contract employees that provide service on a regular basis.

REDD then presented our findings with solutions to better the current Process Safety Management system with additional measures to make certain the programs functioned as designed in the future.

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Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor

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