HVAC Expansion

Keeping It Cool

REDD was hired to survey the existing cooling system for Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace. REDD then created engineering plans to improve the existing cooling system to provide sufficient cooling for the Arena and Exhibition Hall as well as the new Concert Hall and Arts Center.

The current meeting room and exhibit space the Salt Palace Convention Center has is almost

700,000 SQ FT

HVAC Expansion

After completing a thorough survey of the existing chilled water system, REDD concluded that the current system could be modified to increase the cooling system capacity instead of building a brand new system.

These modifications included:

– A new cooling tower installed at the Salt Palace to work in conjunction with the ice   machines.

– Installation of a new pump rated at 850 GPM and 115 feet of head.

– Installation of an 8” diameter pipe.

On top of this, REDD worked with Honeywell and discovered that by changing the sequence of operation and installing mixed air reset controllers on each of the air handling units, it could significantly enhance the system, making it operate more efficiently and ended up having considerable cost savings.

Because of REDD’s commitment to comprehensive surveying while keeping cost effectiveness in mind, the Client has requested our involvement in new developments of the Salt palace over the past few years.