Salt Plant Optimization

Improving Salt Facilities Around the Globe

The Wilkins-REDD Salt Group provided field reconnaissance for a salt works located in Egypt to assess the condition of the salt works and generated a report with recommendations.

Salt Plant Optimization

The Wilkins-REDD Salt Group visited our client’s site in Egypt with the purpose of reviewing the facility and its operations. We were asked to provide recommendations for improvements to be made at the site, as well as a preliminary opinion regarding the feasibility of making such improvements.

The on-site scope of work included soil and water sampling, interviews with client personnel, review of available geographic maps and topographic data, equipment review, and general observation. A significant portion of the site, including the intake system, concentrators, crystallizers, wash plant and refinery was visited and observed by foot and vehicle. Multiple sample holes were dug to test soils, and leakage points throughout the concentrators and crystallizers were observed and tested for salinity.

Wilkins-REDD used this site data to generate a report, providing a narrative of the data found and professional recommendations to improve operations & production. Opportunities identified by Wilkins-REDD included reducing the significant freshwater infiltration, more efficient wash plant and refinery configuration, and improved concentrator pond management. Although plant history indicated a maximum historical yield of less than 100,000 tones/year, Wilkins-REDD concluded that it was feasible for this salt works to increase yield by more than 100% if the directions outlined in our report were implemented.