Slug Catcher Installation, the Sequel

Hard Work Pays Off

REDD provided the engineering, design, and construction management of a new Slug catcher and associated piping at the Canyon Creek gas plant.

Slug Catcher Installation, the Sequel

After successfully installing a Slug Catch at the Client’s Church Buttes location, the Client invited us back to install an identical slug catcher at their Canyon Creek location.

Just like the previous project, REDD was responsible for providing engineering services and oversee all aspects of the installation, which consisted of earthwork excavation for slug catch foundation and pipe support piers by use of hydro-vac, concrete work, working with slug catcher fabricator, engineering & design of all associated piping/equipment, and complete management of construction. REDD was always onsite ready to solve any unforeseen issues during construction while supervising proper installation and hydrostatic testing of all piping and slug catcher.

Because of how REDD handled the Church Buttes Slug Catcher Project, the client insisted that we provide our services again for this project, which went just as smoothly. By keeping a strong adherence to scope, schedule and budget, REDD proves to be successful in not only in project success, but client satisfaction.